Lynda Williamson

Lynda Williamson Bio

Lynda Williamson has been the Environmental Grants Manager in the Office of the Secretary of Energy and Environment since November 2016. Her primary responsibility is the oversight and administration of the Clean Water Act grants between the State of Oklahoma and the EPA.

Before joining OSEE, Lynda spent much of her career with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. She accepted a position in the Water Quality Programs Division, assuming responsibilities as the Oklahoma Water Watch Program Coordinator for the state, then in the WQ Standards Section where she worked on Scenic Rivers Phosphorus Criterion and Human Health Criteria for fish consumption and risk levels. She was also the grants coordinator for the WQ division, working closely with the OSEE grants manager. After some time off to raise her three children, she was asked to return to OWRB to resume work for the Planning and Management Division as a Hearing Examiner for stream water right forfeitures, and was an Environmental Programs Specialist for the Financial Assistance Division’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program where she was primarily responsible for preparing environmental assessments for proposed wastewater projects.

She ventured into private industry, working for U.S. Pollution Control. Inc., a hazardous waste management company as a technical writer/proposal coordinator and during the hiatus to raise her three children, she began an environmental consulting company, Red Earth Environmental Consultants, which provided technical assistance in environmental assessments, health and safety plans and regulatory compliance to corporate clients such as Ametech, Inc, a hazardous waste transportation company, Coastal Remediation Company, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG&E), and various other environmental consulting firms.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy from Oklahoma State University and began working for a landscape architect in Garden City, Kansas. Upon returning to Oklahoma in the early 80’s, she took her first position with the state in the Oklahoma Water Resources Board’s Water Quality Division, conducting lake assessments under EPA’s Clean Lakes Program, and the then Department of Pollution Control as State grants coordinator for EPA funded water programs.

Developing and implementing statewide policies that encourage the responsible development of Oklahoma's natural resouces.