Environment Agencies

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Oklahoma Corporation Commission


Department of Environmental Quality


Grand River Dam Authority


Oklahoma Energy Resources Board


Oklahoma Department of Mines


Oklahoma Water Resources Board


Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation


LP Gas Administration


Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority


Oklahoma Geological Survey

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is to enhance the quality of life in Oklahoma and protect the health of individuals by protecting, preserving, and restoring the water, land, and air of the state.  Thus, fostering a clean, attractive, healthy, prosperous, and sustainable environment.

Learn more at www.deq.state.ok.us.


Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is to manage Oklahoma’s wildlife resources and habitat to provide scientific, educational, aesthetic, economic, and recreational benefits for present and future generations of hunters, anglers, and others who appreciate wildlife.

Learn more at wildlifedepartment.com.


Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Created in 1957, the nine-member board is composed of one member from each of five congressional districts, with the remaining members-at-large.  Members are appointed by the governor and approved by the Oklahoma Senate for seven- terms.  Members represent recreational, industrial, irrigation, municipal, agricultural, soil conservation, and rural residential water uses.  The board administers financial assistance programs to fund eligible public water supply and wastewater treatment projects and improvements.  The board administers water use permits, the water well drillers licensing program, dam safety, floodplain management programs, the Clean Lakes program, and promulgates state water quality standards.

Learn more at www.owrb.ok.gov.

Developing and implementing statewide policies that encourage the responsible development of Oklahoma's natural resouces.