Hydrogen Taskforce

This page will provide up-to-date materials and items of interest related to the Hydrogen Task Force.

For further questions please email Hydrogen@ee.ok.gov

Meeting Minutes from July 19th

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Meeting Minutes from August 17th

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Meeting Minutes from September 13th

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HTF Meeting Minutes from October 18th

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Hydrogen 101 Presentation (July 19th)

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Oklahoma Hydrogen Taskforce Subcommittee Update Presentation (August 17th)

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Commerce Hydrogen Presentation

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Meeting Recordings are available at www.legisok.com

Meeting Agenda (July 19th)

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Meeting Agenda (August 17th)

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Meeting Agenda (September 13th)

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HTF Agenda (October 18th)

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HTF Agenda (November 18th)

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Hydrogen Task force Dates:

Meetings will be held at OAEC Conference Center (2325 E. 1-44 Service Road, OKC)
Tuesday, August 17 @ 9:30am
Monday, September 13 @ 9:30am
Monday, October 18 @ 9:30am
Tuesday, November 16 @9:30am


  • Production Co-Chairs Representative Boles, Julie Cunningham, and Dr. Tomas Diaz de la Rubia

    Research and document recommendations for water and renewable energy resources for the production of hydrogen, leveraging existing hydrogen assets and supply chain within the state, steam methane reforming with carbon capture (collaborate with Distribution and Infrastructure on storage), electrolysis, pyrolysis, and other important items necessary for sustainable hydrogen production.

  • Distribution Infrastructure Co-Chairs Terri Angier and Corporation Commission Representative

    Research and document recommendations for pipeline transportation and storage infrastructure rules, regulations, safety, and tariff considerations including but not limited to, benefits of blending and challenges of embrittlement, impact on end-use systems, safety, material durability and integrity management, leakage, storage, downstream extraction off high pressure pipelines.

  • Economic Opportunities, Taxation and Incentives Co-Chairs Brent Kisling and Amy Walton

    Research and document recommendations associated with the financial structures necessary to encourage investment in the developing Oklahoma hydrogen economy including job creation potential and impact statements for each of the areas of focus within the OK H2 Task Force.

  • Market Uses Co-Chairs Matt Newman and Amy Walton

    Research and document recommendations associated with the uses for hydrogen as a fuel for transportation, power generation, hydrogen hub concepts, off peak power storage concepts, and other applications (drone power concepts, railroad locomotive, port marine transportation, biofuels, synthetic fuels, etc.)

Subcommittee Dates:
Meetings will be held at OSU-Baker Hughes Auditorium located at 300 NE 9th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73014.

August 25
October 7
October 25
November 9

We encourage you to contact us with reactions, questions or concerns

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