The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Mines (ODM) is to protect the environment of the state, to protect the health and safety of the miners and to protect the life, health, and property of the citizens who are affected through enforcement of the state mining and reclamation laws.

ODM is a regulatory authority empowered to execute, enforce, and implement provisions of state and federally mandated programs in the areas of health, safety, mining, and land reclamation practices associated with surface and sub-surface mining.

Additionally, ODM is charged with enforcing the mining laws of the state, including the inspection of mines for hazardous conditions, paying special attention to working conditions, safe equipment operation, proper ventilation and elimination of other hazards affecting the life and health of miners. In the event of any type of mine disaster, inspectors assume full charge of rescue operations and the subsequent control of fires, including the sealing of mines when necessary. In cooperation with the Mine Safety and Health Administration, courses are conducted in first aid, mine rescue, mine safety and accident prevention. Reclamation legislation passed by the 1971 Oklahoma Legislature expanded the scope of covered operations to include all mining and added the health and safety inspections of sand, gravel, and quarrying operations to the responsibilities of the Department.