Oklahoma Energy Assurance Plan

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The Oklahoma Energy Assurance Plan (EAP) was written as a complement to the State’s official Emergency Operations Plan, Energy Support Function (ESF-12), and provides detailed and supplementary information and references about Oklahoma’s energy landscape; a detailed description of how Oklahoma currently plans for, prevents, and responds to energy emergencies; and a menu of strategies for officials and stakeholders to consider as they prevent or manage these emergencies.

The Oklahoma EAP can be used by energy stakeholders, emergency responders, policymakers and public officials, and the general public to learn more about Oklahoma’s landscape, activities, preparations and plans to mitigate against and respond to energy emergencies.

Complementary resources to the Energy Assurance Plan appear below.

The State Agency Contact List provides a quick reference of contact information for Oklahoma state agencies with responsibilities for energy assurance and emergency response

The Energy Assurance Resource Quick Reference Guides provide a selection of important references to publications and organizations of interest, by topic.

The Energy Assurance Emergency Response Implementation Action Menus provide basic operational information and parameters pertaining to best practices for responding to sectoral energy supply and demand concerns.

All Oklahoma Energy Assurance documents are searchable, enabling users to easily find any words or phrases and to quickly move between points of interest to you or your organization.

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